To Ancient Times and Distant Music!

complete double rainbow - hippie festival

complete double rainbow – hippie festival

It is my hope that this blog will ultimately be a great expression of joy.

Although life and the universe has a funny way of cloaking our moments of happiness with the great unexpected. Food can always provide a comforting note or a firm hand of healing or a sense of grandeur tailored to nearly every moment life throws our way. Whether great or small, simple or contrived – food sees us through the familiar and unchartered territories.

Tea is one of those other largely unassuming characters in my life; playing witness to my morning cheer and lulling me to sleep.

I’d say then that I gravitate towards the good stuff that brings people together. Funny, a fabulous piece of literature I came across informed me that the beginning of the women’s lib movement is in large part tied to the colonization of Goa, India. Where the Brits and every other home boy in Europa found that this uncanny bush grew nearly everywhere their eye looked. Even more curious locals were using it for a little pep of energy.

Tea houses then became one of the first permissible areas for a woman to appear in public on her own. I now imagine the epic stitch and bitch sessions that arose in those tea houses. A girl can dream right?

So T (that’s me!) hearts tea blog is a nudge towards accepting my own voice. For so long I have silently creeped on what I consider the best food blogs on this side of heaven. Now, I have joined the masses in hope that a sip, crunch or slurp of something whipped up in my kitchen will tickle your fancy.

Here I come interweb! Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, in search of complete double rainbows…


5 thoughts on “To Ancient Times and Distant Music!

  1. My dear you are fantastic on so many levels…. I love it. You have such a unique voice in the words you pen (or poke/type I suppose) I’m excited to see what gems will follow!

  2. I figure if I keep following this site, and that I will … , my figure will change, go figure!
    Thank You! I want to tackle (oh sorry that’s not a baseball term) the chia breakfast, that will get me a good lead off (how’s that term?) for my day.

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