Coffee for Tea, Please!

Hell. It’s been hot here in the T DOT!

I recently was reminded that once you’ve lived on the West Coast it really sticks to your soul. With its haunting beauty and warm people, it is a wonder how I manage to throw myself back on a plane. Although I returned home with a swatch of Pike’s Place finest smoked salmon, I can’t seem to get the bean off my brain. Maybe I can beg off a coffee care package? Until then, I plug away at my pursuit of chilled bevvies.


My ongoing contemplation of the battle between my recent injury and my prospective future has led me to feel a bit low and slow today.

With the recent influx of female family members bookending my triumphs in academia, my thoughts have been directed towards mentorship and role models.

I’m not picking favourites, but if I had to choose the title of best boss, the wonderful woman that opened the door to working in academia is certainly stacked near the top. This fabulous woman was taken by my enthusiasm and decidedto take me on as her employee. Through her watchful eye, my passion for social equity for Torontonians and the international community budded and blossomed. Playing the what-if game is taxing, yet I rest confident in my hunch that I would have wandered around more aimlessly if it weren’t for our lively meetings. Her delight in my extensive research and penchant for planning while working on experiential learning projects caused me to take work home with me. Any moment of weariness was quickly quelled with the endless stash of healing tea adorning my desk at any given time.

Back to business, I’m jonesing for coffee here!

Aforementioned wonderful ex-boss hooked me up with some grassroots fair-trade action. An old colleague of hers returned from Tanzania with some sultry dark roast. In hopes of reducing the unfortunate yet unavoidable footprint, he cycles around armed with the goods and a bit of a richer history of the farmers who toil for the cup of jo’.


side note: the barely there glass glimmering at the top is iced kombucha green tea


Inspired by another kindred spirit. I just had to craft a beautiful jar of iced coffee for a friend that has become quite dear in recent weeks. Taken with her gumption for life and infectious sense of wonder seeking – I had to pay it forward. One big boost of caffeine at a time.

To keep on with the eco-friendly times, this coffee is cold brewed. My underlying motive is that it is easy peasy lemon squeezey. Give yourself and that energy bill a break!


Iced Caf-Yay

measurements based off the trusted science of my electronic baking scale & this fine blogger

226 grams (half a pound)  of coarse ground coffee, think french press rather than espresso

40 fluid oz of Toronto tap water (holla if you can’t afford spring water)

For the very best cup measure with an electronic scale. This is serious business. 

Find a pot with a lid, mix together and let marinate for at least 8 hours, 12 for maximum aroma and to my eye, I spy a bit of crema. 

My tactics were a coffee filter (I used two rounds) to line my fine-meshed sieve. Less mess and fuss all around. 

Be patient dear friend. Then pour into a glass mason jar ideally. Chill in the fridge. 

Toss over a tall glass of ice. 

If you happen to have access to a nearby cherry tree and a friend that gifts you with gelato. Dollop in some neighbourhood chocolate madness and top with a bit of that sparkling water lurking in the fridge from our last round of hydration happenings!



I served mine with a fortress of skinny asparagus spears to keep the haters out and a happy, farm fresh organic free-run egg as a nod to the lovers out there.

See you on the other side of tomorrow, as we slowly sip this cup of joy to some fantastic tunes and celebrate the ingenuity of cup to collective to farmer.


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