Cha cha cha – Chia: Breakfast of Champions

Sometimes life can get to you. Highs and lows – that is how she goes.


By my count this is the third week in a row of humidity, heat and sinking smog here in Toronto. Although my abode in Leslieville provides some solace from the thick, stagnant air of the downtown core – I too am feeling a bit slower and grimier than my true self.

For those who indulge in a bit of satire now and again, I highly recommend reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. His insight into the human condition appeals to the sarcastic realist that fights for top ranking in my brain. I however do not intend to binge on venture capitalism anytime soon – good riddance! Thankfully, there is far too much Northwestern woods hippie spirit informing my day to day life.

Now then, whether it is mid-summer heat or an unforeseen dose of reality, the best line of defense is a good offense. Breakfast in many other cultures competes as the most protein dense and savoury meal of the day. That is why I revel in all that is green in the early morning, as is demonstrated by my previous escapades with asparagus.

The summer is hectic or the heat can defeat your appetite. That is why recently I have been cold soaking my salba (chia seeds). Slurping down the pudding like texture reminds me of Passionfruit or Grenadilla in Colombia. You should try one of those sexy fruitas when you get a chance.

Breakfast Pudd’

3-5 tablespoons of organic salba (black or white)

double the liquid – 8-10 tablespoons of water or if you like the milk alternative of your choice

seasonal fruit (I caved and purchased an organic: banana, peach, nectarine, pint of blueberries and blackberries) the strawberries were a gift from my roommate’s family friend

splash of coconut milk, or a spoonful of coconut milk yogurt

smattering of freshly milled golden flax, goji berries, raw cacao

1) Portion out your chia seeds in a cheery bowl. Even do so the night before if you know that you are having a rough go of it in the morning. 

2) Toss in the water or liquid of your choice. Allow the chia seeds to soak for at least 20 minutes, but ideally 30. We are looking for a nice gel to form around the seed itself.

3) Top with a splash of milk or yogurt, maybe a spoonful of raw almond butter, fruit of your choice and ground superfoods.


Put it all together and you have got:

magnesium – good for our muscles and brain, vitamin c from the monastic magic of nepal, feel good fibre times –  omega 3 and 6 from the flax and chia

With a healthy amount of water each day, the flax and chia will gel much as they do in the bowl in your digestive system, grabbing hold of the nasty toxins left over from digesting food. So why not give your intestines a hug and a helping hand?

I have learned that most tend to need a bit more help than we are willing to let on…

Nonetheless – long live the breakfast!


One thought on “Cha cha cha – Chia: Breakfast of Champions

  1. I love chia seeds and often make myself some chia pudding for breakfast! One of my favourites combines chia seeds, almond milk and pureed pumpkin, with the usual pumpkin pie spices and some maple syrup to sweeten.

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