Tea Revisited.

My name is Taryn and I have been guilty of putting work first….
I would like to think of it merely as a moment of brazen dedication, but truthfully it was an oversight.
While sports, long hours and accounting came to the fore, the relaxed tending of the stove fell to the eleventh hour as I lurched ahead of the rat race to nowhere. It is quite possible that so too did part of my spark and soul.

Here I am hoping against hope that the food and the sentiment will speak for itself.
The inevitable wincing at missteps and words misspoken alike will hopefully inch me closer to cooking and writing with grace.

As of late I have been starting to get bombarded with how-to lists that are somehow lacking in inspiration. Rather than sharing my “things-to-do” list I am going to suggest you grab your brightest and boldest piece of attire, peachy-keen dress, neon sneaks, questionable belly-tops or muscle-tees, and get to work.

We are going to tackle two things today: one, a shunned hope/dream/errand/task that you have left to linger languidly on the docket, the other the shunned vegetable in your crisper.

So, grab a hold of yo’self and that carrot while you are at it.

Often we need to warm up to an idea or even a course of action.


But, on the other hand, spontaneity is one hell of a drug.
Plunge into the churning sea pooling at your feet and taste the salty goodness of abandoning your business-as-usual mentality. Like our friend (and part-time loofah) kale: good for the skin, inside and out.


For a moment ignore the buzz about kale and just get down to business. Remember that cocktail you had the other night? Your blood, gut and butt sure do.
Strip away your b.s. as your rip the harsh leaves away, but save your stalks for soup, okay? Pernicious haste and waste has never brought anyone much of any good in the long run.

One quick rough chop and a purposeful pitch of veg’ into the rolling boil and you are well on your way to a productive day.


Ye kale giveth and taketh away, with each chew you can eschew the garbage in favour of disarming the worry in your heart. Think of fibre as your battle-cry – “I don’t give a care, I am going to take care of my rear”! Today things are going to shake, rattle and shout, all in the name of a small miracle or at least a decent poop.

Crikey! The kale has turned bright green. Scoop it out to drain and pitch in a bit of oil for the sexy poached eggs waiting to grace your plate and brighten your day.


Now go tattoo your face, kiss that alluring stranger, or clean your closet. Whatever you can muster the courage for today.

I will be right there with you – cheering you on.

Absently yours,



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