Crushing on Cashews.

Despite the soon onslaught of Moustaches, being just two days away from November has me thinking about the Divine Feminine thanks to my dear friend Sarah. Between her DIY bucket list, skipping across the pond to live the expat life and spearheading a virtual book club – our long overdue hangout earlier this month left me with a reinvigorated to find pleasure and purpose in the little things.

Sarah and I - Halloween 2008

Sarah and I, Halloween 2008.

I cook each and every day without fail – no excuses. For the sake of my health and my wallet it just doesn’t make sense for me to eat out on a regular basis. But, I still manage to take the “easy way out” and buy certain things at the grocery store. That got me pondering low effort, high yield possibilities that give the illusion of convenience. Soaking nuts overnight, a blitz in the blender and a press through a sieve. If that’s not easy I don’t know what is.

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How d’ya like them apples?

This year I took fruit picking to the next level – well, for a Northern girl that is. Growing up I longed for sweet Canadian peaches, pears and apples. But, the growing season in my neck of the woods wasn’t conducive to that kind of fare. Funny thing about living in the Bay is that we had more ready access to B.C. fruit than the significantly closer Southern Ontario counterparts.

Growing up I can’t remember much of any apples to speak of – crabapples grow at my mother’s childhood home, and that was as close as we got. We were always throwing together some kind of jelly admits snacking and throwing the cores at each other for fun. Crababbles weren’t quite as inspiring in the kitchen as they seem to be these days.

Now, this year I got organized. Peaches and Apples were finally within my grasp! Not to mention the purple mulberries that I nonchalantly picked off neighbourhood trees throughout the city.

First I was treated to sweet, freestone peaches from a family friend’s Christmas Tree farm that just happened to be adorned with a handful of trees. And now, apples! Let’s take a bite out of life, shall we?


Hidden Rose Apple


Ida Red Apple

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