Holiday Hustle: DIY Greeting Cards

tree-star card

signature holiday card this season

Nothing quite says thinking of you around the holidays more than a handmade card filled with your own signature sentimental wit. My holiday budget is quite small this year so I needed a thrifty & crafty way to spread my holiday cheer to friends and family. Enter, DIY Holiday Greeting Cards!

My love of snail mail and print cards has held steadfast throughout the seasons. It’s not hard to realize why with stellar prints and cards hanging around like those of Rifle Paper Co., and my dear friend Sam Dubeau over at Have & Hold Design. A year and a half ago, I signed up for a sweet stamp-making workshop at the fabulous Labour of Love. Many moons later, I am putting it to good use.


You’ll need a cutting mat, a carver and roller, soft rubber or linoleum and some block print non-toxic paints and last but not least, some blank cards and envelopes. Or you could go this route and try a stamp making kit.

Given the comical nature of my design skills I decided to hand draw my designs and carve from there. You have the choice to either remove the negative or the positive in the image, simply put you either carve out or carve around the image you are going for. For more detailed instruction please peruse below.

Keep it Crafty, Everybody!


The Process

Step 1 –  Turn on some holiday music and pour yourself a glass of something special.

Step 2  – Use a pencil to trace or draw your desired shape.

Step 3 – Starting with the smallest and dullest blade, Number 1 if you are using speedball brand. Tackle the outline of your shape by pressing a small amount of pressure to remove the surface.

Step 4 – Add in detail and be certain to create enough depth between your design and the base of the stamp, otherwise you will not get a clean stamp.

Step 5 – Spread a small coin-sized amount of paint on a painter’s palette or plastic clip board, use roller to smooth and coat area. Roll ink onto stamp.

Step 6 – Quickly press firmly on the desired area and peel back slowly.

Step 7 – Dry and use as you wish!


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