Dew Drop Dreams



I overheard someone on public transit today who said that until they see buds starting on the trees, it is nowhere close to spring. I agree with you mystery man, the trees don’t lie. Dreams of picturesque dew drops are haunting me. Perhaps it was the warm glow of sunlight this evening or my endless planning to go on a holiday, but folks, I went out hunting for a succulent out-of-season melon.

This winter season sweets haven’t tempted me as they usually do. Cookies and cake have made way for the whole grain gluten free muffin recipe I have been perfecting.  Fresh on the heels of reading Spirit Junkie, I was reminded of my tendency to put work, social obligations, errands, finance planning first and foremost. Planning and fluctuating task lists will always afoot, so you’ve got to arm yourself with food to bring you joy and clean fuel.

Matcha is bringing the antioxidants, maca is levelling out our adrenals, ginger is regulating our circulation and killing off some bad news bacteria, cucumber is settling our stomach and our skin.

Shed your muffin top and juice up some of the Dew Drop.

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Dew Drop Juice

half of a ripe honeydew melon

1 ruby red grapefruit, organic

half of a medium sized cucumber

a 1 inch junk of fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of powdered maca

½ tsp of organic matcha powder

Combine ingredients in a blender until smooth, run through a sieve or nut milk bag, for an extra silky, smooth juice. If you have a juicer,  juice the produce and then put it in a blender for a quick blitz to combine the powders.





A beet-iful beginning.


Thank you dear readers for joining me on this journey of  food and mood storytelling.

2014 has come in with a bang and a big dose of brrrrrrrrr! I love the winter but roasting root vegetables every day can weigh on Northern folk. Thinking back to warmer times, I am reminded that my juicer broke in the middle of the summer. This was a blow to my daily routine, but I made it work by incorporating more roughage and increasing my patronage to local juice bars. For years and years I have been an advocate for green smoothies, but juice is a great way to deliver nutrients to your blood stream in a hurry. Graced with a digestive auto-immune disease, juice provides my body with a much needed break.

I am sure that most of you are in the middle of crafting or revising your intentions or resolutions for the year.  And without further ado I will leave you with some food for thought. Our digestive systems work constantly and tirelessly to keep us going. Perhaps we can give it a hand every now and again with a veggie heavy juice fix! Stop riding the coattails of regret over your recent over-indulgence on New Year’s Eve and make this juice.


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Movement: Hurry Up & Wait.

I think we are all starting to feel it here in the Northern Hemisphere; darkness at 5pm softly nudges us indoors to blankets and comfort foods. My roommate noted this past weekend that with winter on the horizon she is more likely to stay at home during weeknight evenings. It just feels natural, doesn’t it? I’ve been slowly changing my daily routine by grabbing warm drinks rather than cold smoothies. Even with my goals of movement this month, I am going to allow myself to indulge in rolling myself up with a duvet and a good book. Comfort is key for acclimatizing to the colder, darker seasons.

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Cozy Chai for Blustery Days


Halloween last night didn’t seem to have its usual vigour. We were treated to a bit of a trick, with strong winds and rain from the early evening continuing on through to the early morning. I didn’t see as many little ghosts and ghouls running around causing mayhem as I remembered it as a child. I’ve often wondered if the celebration is changing? In my day we packed on the snowsuits and went for hours.

Next year I am going to make a bigger effort to indulge my inner-child and go big on sewing together a costume to partake in the fun.

Eager to join in on the festive celebrations,  Julia and I got crafty with our pumpkins and some dull knives, threw on Beetlejuice and let off some steam with a round of Cards Against Humanity.


On the trek home, I was overcome with a craving. This lousy weather had me wanting something hot, sweet and spicy. I love winter, but the dampness of late fall always has me slinking into hot showers and rain boots.

Chai is a great way to warm up and better yet – soothe digestion. With the exception of my Chai Apple Butter, I have yet to make my own chai spice mix at home. And so – DIY Cozy Chai Concentrate was born.

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Crushing on Cashews.

Despite the soon onslaught of Moustaches, being just two days away from November has me thinking about the Divine Feminine thanks to my dear friend Sarah. Between her DIY bucket list, skipping across the pond to live the expat life and spearheading a virtual book club – our long overdue hangout earlier this month left me with a reinvigorated to find pleasure and purpose in the little things.

Sarah and I - Halloween 2008

Sarah and I, Halloween 2008.

I cook each and every day without fail – no excuses. For the sake of my health and my wallet it just doesn’t make sense for me to eat out on a regular basis. But, I still manage to take the “easy way out” and buy certain things at the grocery store. That got me pondering low effort, high yield possibilities that give the illusion of convenience. Soaking nuts overnight, a blitz in the blender and a press through a sieve. If that’s not easy I don’t know what is.

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Coffee for Tea, Please!

Hell. It’s been hot here in the T DOT!

I recently was reminded that once you’ve lived on the West Coast it really sticks to your soul. With its haunting beauty and warm people, it is a wonder how I manage to throw myself back on a plane. Although I returned home with a swatch of Pike’s Place finest smoked salmon, I can’t seem to get the bean off my brain. Maybe I can beg off a coffee care package? Until then, I plug away at my pursuit of chilled bevvies.


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Ruby Shoes-Day: “there’s no place like home”


There comes a time when you need take stock stalk of a situation. Literally.

In a sense, the robust rhubarb sums up my situation in life at the moment quite nicely. It’s sweet, sour, sturdy and in my humble opinion – adaptable. And so it offers a pretty decent example of how to make it within the confines of Ontario; from urban jungle to the Northern wilderness.

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